Debut Novel of Teenage Author Austin Wen

About the Book

It’s been ten years since the Great Enhancement, and the world still hasn’t recovered. Superhero tropes from the world before the Enhancement, which Reine, a thief, had never lived in, split their morality into black and white. The metahumans hired by the government to hunt their own became “heroes,” and the rest were forced into the role of villains.

When Reine’s parents are killed after trying to rob a metahero’s mansion—a murder justified in every right and law—she must make her own justice in a world where the lines between right and wrong are corrupt and unclear. Even if it means she has to join forces with the most powerful metavillain in North America, Pantheon, by enlisting at his school for villains-in-training.

Reine’s new roommate at Pantheon’s Academy is an outcast named Sky. Blamed for the death of her father—a powerful metavillain who many looked up to—Sky sees the newcomer Reine as a source of redemption: by betraying Reine, Sky will prove to her peers that she is a ruthless metavillain worthy of respect.

However, the more the two get to know each other, the more complicated things become. And with metaheroes closing in on the Academy, Starflight at the helm, unlikely alliances must be made if either student is able to prevail. Reine and Sky, both friends and foes, soon find themselves on similar paths leading into the dangerous unknown.

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What People Say

Just finished reading this wonderful book written by a teenage author. The story was dark, exciting, heart wrenching, and hear warming all bundled together. Although this book tore my heart out at places, it did give me hope in our future generations if they can be like Reine, Sky and Asher. Again, truly impressed that this book was written by a teenager! I can’t wait for the sequel!

Reader in Oregon

Our kids loved the book. They got inspired to write their own books. Very outstanding work! Highly recommended!!!

Reader in Taiwan

FIVE STARS for this book!  The story can’t stop there.  Look forward to Pantheon 2!

Reader in Shanghai, China
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