Progress Update on the Sequel to Pantheon

I’m taking a break from blogging this week, so this post will be a lot shorter than usual. For those who don’t know me, I usually write about writing and my journey as a writer, but today will be about the big project I’m currently working on instead.

Don’t worry, I’ve seen those progress bars other authors have added onto their website. Once I figure out how to make one, I’ll put it in.

Pantheon was published last year on August 31, 2020. I had started work on the sequel, which I decided to name Sacrifice (Yay, name reveal!), at about the same time. Unfortunately, I haven’t made as much progress as I hoped to because of school. Junior year is hard work incarnate.

Still, I wrote about half of Pantheon’s word countso far (~32,000), so I might be able to finish by the end of the year. Sacrifice is shaping up to be a lot longer because I’ve added so many new characters and plot points; I need more chapters or their introductions will feel rushed.

At least I’m not going to take 3 years to finish like I did with Pantheon. You can count on that.

Happy Writing!
Austin Wen

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