How to Break Grammar Rules

Ever heard of the saying, “Learn the rules so you can break them” or something else along those lines? Well, how exactly do you break rules in writing? Why would you want to break rules in writing? I’ll be honest; I was always focused on following the rules, so much so that I didn’t evenContinue reading “How to Break Grammar Rules”

How to Write Death Scenes

When approaching grief, it’s not just about having a sad thing happen in a scene and calling it a day. You have to tackle how your characters react to that misfortune, and it’s often the reaction that truly tugs at your reader’s heartstrings. For example, (not spoilers—literally in the blurb) Reine’s parents die in Pantheon,Continue reading “How to Write Death Scenes”

How to Write a Scary Monster

I’m no horror writer; I just wanted to throw that out there. Recently, however, I’ve done some thinking about what makes a monster truly terrifying. It all started when my sister asked me for help on a project she was working on. I’m not going to disclose what it was, but let’s just say thatContinue reading “How to Write a Scary Monster”

My First Time Working with an Editor

During the summer after 9th grade, I would bike for 15 minutes to a Starbucks in order to meet up with David Landoni, a recent college graduate who wanted editing experience to see if the job was the right path for him. Coincidentally, I also needed an editor to look at the first draft ofContinue reading “My First Time Working with an Editor”

How To Start Writing

To get started on writing, you don’t need a grand vision with your world fully fleshed out and characters iconic. You only need a desire to create, to make something of your own, like that wishful feeling you get when you watch a heart-wrenching tv show or read the climax of “The Way of Kings”Continue reading “How To Start Writing”

Doubts and How to Overcome Them

Writing fiction can be emotionally taxing. I mean, your goal is to make your readers feel, so the process often involves digging within yourself to find experiences that you can use to form insights and mold into characters—all with the end goal of creating a story that seems more real. After all, people may sometimesContinue reading “Doubts and How to Overcome Them”

Why Should You Write a Book?

Many people want to become authors. I have a couple of friends that are really pushing for it, but we met at a novel-writing summer camp, so that’s pretty much a given. My sister’s friend is also in the process of writing a novel. She’s a Freshman, which is the same grade I was inContinue reading “Why Should You Write a Book?”